How to Audition

Submit your audition in an email to


Please put the breed of the animal as the Subject in your email.

Contact info

Include your name, the best phone number to contact you and your location.


Flexibility is important! Please indicate your schedule, and list any restrictions that would prevent your animal from coming to set with us on a given day.

Animal Information

Give us a description of your animal.  Include breed, age, height, weight, and color. List training and accomplishments. Make a list of behaviors your animal can perform reliably, in a new environment around distractions. Let us know if your animal is good with other animals, children, etc.


Attach a Head Shot and Body Shot. These are the most important pictures but you can include one or two photos that capture your animal's personality as well.  It can be a funny candid or a picture of your animal performing (agility, field trial, breed ring, schutzhund, etc.)  

Talent Profile

Download the ACA Talent Profile at the bottom of this page.  Print it, fill it out, sign and scan it.  Attach it to the email along with your pictures.

Being able to follow instructions properly is an important part of being the owner of a successful animal actor.  Emails in the proper format will receive our priority attention. 

Please note:  No aggressive or uncontrollable animals will be seen or considered. 

How do you take a good audition picture?

 First, find an assistant! One of you will work the animal and one of you will take the picture. If possible, take the picture outside in natural light preferably on an overcast day to avoid hard shadows. Place the animal in front of an uncluttered background. Position the camera down at the animal's heart level. Have your assistant hold a treat or toy directly above the camera to make the animal looking directly into the lens. Good eye contact and focus on the camera is important! If possible, take a picture without a leash.   


Head Shot


Have your pet sit or stand facing you.  Make sure you can see the entire front of the face and have good eye contact.

Body Shot


Have your pet sit or stand at a 3/4 angle. Make sure you can see the front of the face and the entire side of the body.  

Casting Calls

Follow Our Facebook Page!

 Occasionally we get a call for an animal and we don't have exactly what the director wants.  When this happens, we post a Casting Call on Facebook. Follow our page and if your animal is what we're looking for, remind us about him or her!


For current Casting Calls, please visit our Facebook page.  Under the top banner, click the drop down box for "Following".  Make sure to choose See First and in the News Feed and that your Notifications are On.