Cruiser on Stranger Things

Cruiser on Stranger Things


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The dogs on this page are just a tiny sample of our talented canines.  

*Dogs with an asterisk next to their names have comp cards you can download at the bottom of this page.*

Jennifer Garner and Penny

Vincent D'Onofrio and Frank

Small Dogs


The "perpetual puppy", this little Jack Russel has starred in shows including Father Figures and Love, Simon.


Ozark, Marvel's Venom, Insatiable and Dynasty are just a few of his credits. This papillon has a personality as big as his ears!


Barely bigger than her namesake Cocoa Puff, this tiny Chihuahua came on the scene strong with AMC's Lodge 49, Netflix's Insatiable and Nappily Ever After.

Medium Dogs


This adorable squishy faced pug has been in Insatiable and commercials


A walking stuffed animal, this precious , exuberant Westie stars in Jason Bateman's Game Night and Netflix's Insatiable. She will also be featured in an upcoming movie starring Viola Davis and Liam Neeson.


See this little darling All American dog alongside Lisa Kudrow when he pulls up a seat at Table 19


This beagle has an array of tricks and can be seen in multiple commercials and ads


This fancy, sweet Cavapoo has been in The Hunger Games and several ads and commercials


This dog is extremely well trained and our "go to" skinny dog. He can easily be colored and is featured in Jacob's Ladder, Ozark and another upcoming Marvel mega-movie.

Large Dogs


Our supermodel Border Collie, this pretty split faced girl battled zombies on The Walking Dead


An adorable All American, his credits include two Tom Hardy movies, an upcoming Marvel feature and Lawless, as well as Live By Night and others


This amazing German Shepherd is our go to guy. Trained to the highest level in protection work, he always brings his A Game


This gorgeous Boxer will be seen in an upcoming feature by an Oscar winning director, and has been know to steal the scene


This adorable genius Collie has some of the funniest tricks, and stars in Dumb and Dumber 2 and Insatiable


A gorgeous blue merle Collie with captivating eyes, she has a recurring role as Zingo in 

Marvel's "The Gifted"


With hair to spare, this beautifully trained Beardie stars in Alvin and the Chipmunks and at least half a dozen commercials


This Bloodhound sniffed out a recurring role as Bo Carrington on the new TV show Dynasty. She is also the family dog in Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors.


An adorable All American with fantastic credits and an array of trained behaviors, this guy is one of our favorites


A Golden Retriever with golden roles including Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk and several others


He's a handsome Husky who has come to the rescue in commercials and starred next to hip hop artists in music videos


This Labrador Retriever has brought home roles in *** as well as starred in America's Got Talent


A powerful hulk of a Pit Bull, he will make your audience squirm when he lights up aggresively


Serious and always ready to work, he's the German Shepherd who snarled at the ladies in Hidden Figures


There isn't a role this Golden boy can't handle.  He has been in Vacation, Complications, and Devious Maids 

Extra Large Dogs


A gentle giant, this mastiff was cast as an 

outlaw's best friend in Magnificent 7.  He also appears in ABC's Kevin (Probably) Saves the World


Famous for Stranger Things, this giant All American is also in MacGuyver and more


This young, loveable St. Bernard left a memorable impression in Insatiable

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