Farm Animals

Alpaca to Zebu

If you can find it on a farm, we have a trained one ready for your feature!

Farm Animals


Our cattle are trained from birth to be halter broke and quiet around distractions.  Some are oxen and can pull wagons.  All are experienced enough to be handled by cast.


We have bottle raised our lambs and leash broke them so our sheep can be staked on set with invisible lines and maintain continuity on film.


Our goats are bottle raised and leash broke as kids, taught to hit a mark, and easy to handle for film! We have horned and polled breeds, and even angoras!


We have all breeds of chickens, and they are all trained to stake with invisible lines so they can be placed anywhere on set and maintain continuity on film.


From wild looking grey rabbits to fancy domestic breeds, we have a variety of well handled, tame rabbits.


From 3 pound micro pot belly piglets to a 600 pound Yorkshire sow, we have trained pigs to do hilarious tricks for films, including sucking a pacifier and using the toilet!

Does Your Farm Animal Have Star Potential?