Commander On Set

Riding horses, saddle horses, liberty or trick horses, we have them all!  

Mules, ponies, miniature horses and donkeys, if it's in the horse family, we have them trained and ready for film.

We also have a comprehensive collection of period wagons and tack.

Riding Horses on The Walking Dead

We have experienced, well trained, cast safe riding horses, as well as matching horse doubles and SAG/AFTRA stunt doubles to ride or drive them in your more challenging scenes.

Driving Horse on Insurgent

Our horses have pulled chariots, carriages, wagons, buggies, sleighs, sleds and a plow in shows such as The Hunger Games, Live By Night, The Originals, Lawless, The Liesure Seekers, and many more.

Does Your Horse Have Star Potential?